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Natalia H Interiors provides full interior decorating services for residential spaces. We work with many various showrooms, manufacturers, contractors, and artisans to accomplish your dream concept. Each project is handled with delicate care and specialized attention to every detail. From concept to realization, our objective is to meet all your needs and exceed all your expectations.


Create a unique and innovation space

Our goal is to create a unique and innovative space that will form a perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our commitment is to provide the best quality service available, and we are confident Natalia H Interiors will deliver that type of high-caliber customized service the client deserves.


We offer a consulting service to plan the interior design that our clients can then personally promote. We help them in the planning of the materials that are necessary, the colors to use and the spaces to implement them.


You can also choose to do a general contracting for your home projects. Consultor, Space planning, remodeling or rennovation spaces, art, accesorizing and furture selection.


With this service the client has the opportunity to hire us as consultants to plan which are the accessories and the different artistic decorations that can be useful to decorate the interiors of your home.


We help you design the next remodeling and renovations in the different spaces of your home.


We help you in the planning and design of the possible furniture that can be included to improve the interior decoration of your home.


We help you plan the spaces to decorate in your homes, offices or apartments to improve the design and aesthetics of your home.

Cost of interior designers

We bill our clients a flat hourly fee, then pass on our trade discounts to them on some products including furniture and professional services. This way our clients can rest assured they are receiving the very best prices on everything they purchase.

“Interior Decor is more than beauty and luxury, it is all about passion. By enhancing a space, we have the privilege to get into people’s home and make a difference.”

interior design methodology

The success of our interior decor projects depends on capturing our client’s vision and bringing that vision into reality. Our client’s wishes are always the top priority for our team, and we encourage our clients to be part of the renovation process from beginning to end. Through the entire course of action, we want our clients to have an enjoyable experience where their feedback is welcomed and regarded.

At every level, we provide professional and personalized service at a reasonable price. Furthermore, our entire staff cooperates with the client to control the costs and schedule so the project is finalized on time and within the allocated budget. We oversee the selection and ordering of all the products, coordination with contractors, delivery and installation of all products, and the proper maintenance for those products that is needed for the space involved. Throughout the entire operation, Natalia H Interiors is on-site overlooking the project’s implementation, development, and advancement.

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Frequency questions about Home Interior Design

How can I design the interior of a new house?

In order to determine a design for your home, it is important to consider:

  • Color palette you want to use in your home. This is very important as it will help determine the design style to implement in your spaces.
  • The spaces in your home that you want to decorate. If you plan to decorate only those spaces visible to visitors or the entire home.
  • The style of decoration. As we have mentioned, the style of decoration you want to implement in your home will be determined in conjunction with the color palette to use, but this will help to define if you really need to make extra purchases to improve the style of the home.
  • The details add up. Accessories, decorative items and art are some of the elements that should be considered to improve the design of our home.

When is it convenient to hire an interior design?

There are several reasons why it is convenient to have an interior decorating service for your home. Some of them are:

  1. You should work with a designer when moving into a new home as they can help you plan, think about and improve some aspects of the new home that if we undertake the project alone we may not easily realize (For example paint colors, lighting of spaces, window treatments, among other aspects).
  2. You should work with a designer if you have a reasonable budget.
  3. You should work with a designer for major renovation projects or mid-level projects.
  4. You should work with a designer if you are ready for a change

What are the 6 types of interior designers?


Evolved in the mid-20th century and focused on simple, elegant and functional furniture.

Eclectic Chic:

This style combines trends, time periods, colors, patterns and textures all in one space.

Industrial style:

You focus more on the architectural elements of the space than on the appearance of the furniture.


Are more fluid in nature, using natural light, neutral colors, fabrics, stones, etc.


The use of wooden furniture in the style of traditional craftsmen is one of its elements.


The main mantra of the minimalist home style is simplicity. Its objective is to create a warm and nuanced home.

What are the spaces in the house that should be decorated?

Interior design is not limited to a single space in the home, we can focus on renovating the design of a bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, dining room, gardens and balconies, living room, offices, among others.

Should I consider current trends when decorating my home?

Current interior design trends can help you to establish the style you want to give to your spaces but it is not an exclusive aspect, since you can opt for contemporary, mid-century, rustic, etc. designs.