Natalia H. Interiors

Picture of Natalia HuarcayaFounder Natalia Huarcaya has an unmatched passion and unprecedented ability to interpret her customer’s desires and needs into functional spaces reflecting their own unique style. Originally from Lima, Peru, Natalia studied and refined her skills at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She was prize for an outstanding achievement for the best thesis project in interior decorator bachelor. After working for well-known decorators and attaining more than 10 years of experience in the industry, she opened Natalia H Interiors, her own multi-faceted Miami-based interior decorating firm. Her strive for perfection and mark of excellence in each and every project has resonated through the community, and the firm has continued to flourish behind her growing credibility and thriving reputation. Natalia is committed to providing clients with high-quality personalized service which includes formulating a concept, arranging cost-efficient alternatives, purchasing adequate materials, delivering the finished product, and exceeding all expectations. At Natalia H Interiors, the ultimate aspiration is to make extravagant dreams a reality.

Established in 2010, Natalia H Interiors has been part of countless sophisticated projects here in South Florida, Asia and South America. Specializing in residential estate.  from creating traditional timeless environments to contemporary minimalistic spaces. Concepts are characterized by cutting-edge trends in colors and patterns, innovative materials and high-end details. She believes that building a sense of trust with the client and listening to the client’s input are key steps towards achieving a successful completed project. Exacting flawless execution is just as necessary towards maintaining an enjoyable customer experience and gaining a satisfied client. Natalia H Interiors is dedicated to remodeling any location into a practical and luxurious haven where the transformation expresses the client’s dream home.

“I believe in pushing the limits and thinking outside the box to create unique spaces with lasting appeal. I believe in teamwork and collaboration, early and often. I believe every home and business should reflect the personalities of the occupants. I believe that a firm should be conducted with integrity and honesty, and we will work hard to deliver superior results.”